What I want from the lawn, The purpose of the lawn.

Hello. I am Junya Yoshida. Long time no see. I’m fine. Every day, I go to the lawn with a lunch box and eat a meal while listening to my favorite song. And the days of shedding tears on the lawn are repeated, thinking how to be popular with girls.

The good thing about the lawn is that you can tell people silently, “Relieve me.” We don’t talk to people who lie on the lawn unless there is a special reason. They are temporarily focused on something or released. The lawn is a personal place open to everyone. It can be said.


Nagoya University lawns have two unique features compared to other lawns. (How many lawns have one unique point in the world?) One is facing a two-lane road on one side. The other is that there is a direction on the lawn.

In my memory, the lawn facing the road is just like the lawn of Nagoya University. Lawns exist in certain sections of zoos and parks, and are open to use freely. In other words, since it is in a certain area, it is rare to be in contact with the outside. When you lie down on the lawn of Nagoya University, the car crosses from one end of the view to the other. This is a very unique feature.


What does it mean to have a direction on the lawn? I also expressed that. It’s something that feels strange, but I can only explain it. The lawn of Nagoya University has a gentle slope. The lawn is leaning toward the road mentioned earlier. This slight inclination makes Nagoya University’s lawn the only lawn.

Many of the common lawns we know are flat. Simply put, flat grass is free and open. You can play soccer and play badminton. You can eat in any direction. You can throw your feet in any direction and lie down.

Sloped lawns limit them. If you’re going to play soccer, the ball will roll down the hill so that it can be sucked into the road, and if you put your feet in the wrong direction, you will have blood on your head while you lie down and you will feel nauseous. In other words, Nagoya University’s lawn is a semi-open space where certain actions are restricted.


So, isn’t the other lawn better? You might think. Certainly, if you want to play soccer, you should go to the general lawn. This is where you have to change your mind. We are not restricted in action, but are required to have rules for some purpose. For example, we should not speak loudly in the library. You may feel it is not free. However, the purpose of people visiting the library is to focus on reading. A quiet environment is essential for reading.

You wonder if the lawn has a purpose. A lawn with a purpose is certainly rare. So I need courage to make a statement, but the lawn at Nagoya University certainly has a purpose. That’s why I visit Nagoya University lawn.


The purpose of the lawn at Nagoya University is to focus on yourself. In the space separated from the outside, On the lawn, I can feel that I relatively exist as myself.

The lawn is sloped and faces the road. We will forcibly face the road when we sit down on the lawn. Unlike the open and free space of ordinary lawns, the spectacle that spreads out in front of you is very social. The car starts to run as the signal changes, and the pedestrian walks as the signal changes. There is a system on the maintained section, and people are coming and going smoothly. In the social space, people and cars are almost the same.

I am not advocating an antithesis against a highly economic society. I just want to emphasize that the lawn shows the shape of the society I live in. Those sitting on the lawn are forced to see a social scene. It’s as if Alex of “Clockwork Orange” was restrained in a movie theater seat and showed endless violent images. Is it too much to say? The scene spreads in front of us. When I see the scenery, I don’t get angry or sad, I think I am just me.


That’s how I tell myself and I’m immersed in my world. Thanks to regular beat music, high-alcohol drinks and occasional night breeze, after a while lying on the lawn, I noticed that my consciousness was deepened considerably.


Of course, the nature of the library and lawn are different. The library is a facility designed to read books, but the lawn is not designed for any purpose. The original characteristics of the lawn and the topographical characteristics combined, the lawn of Nagoya University only had such a purpose later. What will be, will be. Such is life.


One of the good things about this lawn is that it also makes me think so.


If you want to explain the (general) purpose of this lawn to the people who visit it or check it out, I will endure a lot and explain that it is “concentrate individually” right. I will refrain from further metaphoric explanations. This is because I know that a man who makes such descriptive and personal stories is not popular with girls.


Thank you for reading today. As you know, I like to write sentences that are not popular with girls. Tomorrow, I eat lunch on the lawn and shed tears quietly.