Remember to Buy an Apple

At the end of this winter, I found I haven’t eaten apples for several months. I was surprised at the fact.
When I was walking around grocery stores, I always chose cheaper ones. I chose oranges, kiwi fruits or bananas. Apples were expensive, that’s why I didn’t buy them.
How strange it is that I’ve made do without apples during the whole winter! I actually like apples very much, but they were as expensive as I always gave them up.

Gradually I come to like cheaper ones.
For example, I like tofu. Now it’s necessary in my daily life. Tofu is always lying in my refrigerator.
Do I like tofu because it’s cheaper or because it’s tasty? I can no longer distinguish the two.

Today is the day I buy an apple!
It is sometimes hard to change our behaviors. To buy an apple is not a big thing, but somehow I feel this will make my life change a bit as I want.


その時の私には理解できなかった。自分のことが嫌いでも、他人のことは好きだったからね。 “愛について” の続きを読む

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