What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?
Is it so difficult?

“If you could choose the way to die, how would you like to die?”

Hmmm…, a very interesting question.
Let’s think of a happy ending!

“I can’t think of any happy endings. I’m afraid of the death whatever the way I would have.”

Oh, I see. Few people are willing to die.
What’s the reason why you are so afraid of the death?

“I don’t want to leave my loving people. Whether I would be killed or would die of cancer is not so important. I rather worry about how my family should live after my death.”

Your family and friends will miss you, too.
They are happy that you love them so much!
By the way, how long will you think about it?

“Until I die.”

That’s a waste of time!
Stop thinking right now. Do what you can do by the time you leave.
You should spend your time for your family or friends instead of being depressed.
Do your best for your loving people, but you don’t have to worry about what you can’t do.

The other day, I saw children discussing the ways to die. They didn’t look sad nor depressed. They just enjoyed talking each other, laughing.
Though I couldn’t heard exactly their words, I was sure they had come up with happy endings.

I thought of my childhood.
When I was a junior high school student, I didn’t mind dying. There was no reason to live. I would have rather give up living.
Nothing was there in my life. If I had passed away at that moment, I would have left nothing. I was alone in this world.
I, in my teens, felt that way.

Everyone will die sooner or later. I hope all the people will be happy on their last days.
Now, I am thinking how to live in order to die happily. I am thinking how to make the world better place.
I was born I this world, and now I’m living. I will do what I can do as long as the life lasts. I want to live for some purposes, which makes my life better.
It’s not a big business. Just to make people around me a little happier.

Stop thinking alone. Don’t be depressed.
Look up at the sky. The answer is blowing in the wind.
You can’t catch that in your hand. Just carry out, and you’ll find it’s correct or not.
And if you make a mistake, you can try another way.

Stop thinking alone. Share your topic with someone. Discussions will help you get a good idea.
Joys are doubled. Sadness is reduced by half. That’s the meaning for us to live together.