Something Wrong with School

Thank you for practicing with me last week. You beat me with full force, didn’t you?
I was throughly overwhelmed by your toughness. I had a muscle pain for a couple of days!
It was a lot of fun, though 🙂

Since the first time we met, I’ve longed for you. I mean, I want to be a teacher like you.
You’re always cheerful, talkative making everyone smile. What’s more, you are great at your job because you always get things done. I really respect you!
Do you remember talking to me, walking from the teachers’ office to classrooms? I had just started working and felt nervous about my English lessons. Frank chats with you made me relaxed.

I no longer work at school, but you are still my star to aim at. I want to be as strong as you so that I can laugh off sad memories.
Hope to have another practice together at the gym, as well. I’ll catch up with you someday!

I’ve started to work at the new place. There are several things that surprised me. One was break times.
We have one-hour break a day. We don’t have to work during the hour. Can you believe? I do read books because I have nothing to do.
Also, we have little overtime work. At 5 p.m., everyone finishes his or her job and leaves for home.
I understand the word, “black school,” which criticizes awful labor environments at school.

Even now you work hard without break as many other teachers do. Something wrong with schools.
All I can do for you is just wishing. If you had less things to do, you could work more happily.