Rose Paw

My sister and I once tried to write stories.

It was one of the childhood plays. We were writing in the Ward document file.
The old laptop was always making a funny noise, “Zzzzz…” Also, it would often freeze.
My sister and I sat toward the computer in rotation and typed patiently.

Before we started writing, I’d recommended my sister “Warriors” series, my favorite books.
A story of cats. Just children’s books. But you would be surprised if you once read it. Written from the cats’ eyes, the story was more attractive.
Unlike a pet cat in “Wagahai-ha-Neko-Dearu” by Natsume Soseki, the warriors are living in the forests. They do hunting to get food. Also, the cats have an amazing society. There are four tribes in the forests and the members of the tribes help each other to live. The warriors also fight to protect their territory of the tribe to which they belongs.
I liked the story very much, dreaming to be a cat, one of the members of the tribe.

The cats’ names were fascinating for me. Each name of the cats comes from nature or their own physical characteristics. These names sounded cool as if it had been a cat’s language when I hardly understood English. For example, Blue Star was named after her blue-gray fur. Running Wind is a cat who runs very fast like a wind. Spotted Leaf is a calico cat.

So, the first thing my sister and I wrote was characters’ names. I don’t know who it was, but either of us didn’t want to write together, that is why each of us wrote a separated story.
My sister named her main character Rose Paw. Paw means that the cat is an apprentice. Young cats have an educational term in which an adult warrior teaches as his or her mentor. When an apprentice becomes a warrior, a new names are given.
Rose Paw may be a beautiful young cat with pink pads. Though I no longer remember what cat was like my sister expressed as her main character, I imagine this way from the name of Rose Paw.
To be honest, when I first saw the name on the display, I felt a little jealous. I couldn’t come up with such a nice name as my sister did.
There used to be times I felt jealous of my sister, because she can did better. I knew she had been always more talented than me in drawing pictures, singing songs, running and so on… The sense of naming was one of these talents, too.

Years have passed, and my sister and I have become adults. I wonder if she remembers the days when we enjoyed writing toward the old computer.
If only my sister had continued to write the story until the end…! I would love to read her story.