We live in the same place, but we live different lives.

Two months have passed since I started to live with my boyfriend. Though I am sometimes frustrated with him, we are getting along so well so far. At least, I like my new home here.

Some of my routine have changed. I spend more time doing housework than before. Cooking dishes for two, buying groceries for two, washing clothes for two, cleaning rooms for two. I have less free time, which makes me irritated.
I clean the room after my boyfriend leaves. There are cardboard boxes in various sizes, four cookie cans and some comic books which he’s still reading. All of his goods are along the wall on the corner.
Perhaps he keeps the room clean in his way. I understand that, but I can’t help wishing him to use the vacuum cleaner…
Why must I do all by myself??
Except for that, I’m satisfied with my new life.

We spend hours individually because we have different lifestyles.
I get up early and go to bed at nine p.m.. On the other hand, my boyfriend is a night owl. He stays up late every night and plays card game online. Or, he sleeps in kotatsu, listening to YouTube program whose sound is too large for me to put up with. When I get up at five next morning, he goes to bed instead.
Anyway, it’s good to have a large space on the bed for a sound sleep.

We usually have dinner together. I come back home earlier than him and cook some food.
“Whatever you cook is delicious.”
My boyfriend says.
Naturally. I don’t serve too sour food which he doesn’t like.
Today, he’s out. I cooked lunch for myself.
Stir-fried Chinese cabbage. Just stir-fried. No meat. Nothing special. Easy to cook.
I added some yuzu juice, salt, black pepper and soy sauce to arrange the taste, which made the dish perfect!
When I was having lunch in the empty kitchen, I somehow started to think about my boyfriend. I wondered if he likes sour taste of yuzu. There is one more yuzu on the table. If he liked it, I would cook some chicken with yuzu juice and black pepper.
Maybe, today’s dish I cooked was too sour for him. It’s not necessary to share everything with him. I would choose to enjoy sour food by myself.

It’s fun to have different joys as well as to share the same ones together. I’m happy to play tennis with him, to play card game, and to take okonomiyaki from a restaurant and share it home together.
Though, I sometimes prefer staying alone. As I like taking a walk in the morning, reading books or drawing pictures, he has his own preferences such as watching YouTube videos. We live in the same place, but we live different lives. It’s more interesting that he keeps some of his part unopened to me.
Including all these, I love him.