Leaving the hearing aids center, I often feel bitter. Why do I have to wear such machines? I hate the hearing aids. Why is the world so noisy?

Every time I try new hearing aids, I can’t help wishing, though. “If only I would be able to hear…”
There are two opposite thoughts inside of me.
Hearing aids give me a hope, which will never come true. However how much the machines develop, I can’t get a perfect hearing, I know.

Hearing aids make the volume larger. They are arranged to adapt for a person’s hearing. For example, my ears can’t hear high sounds. So my hearing aids make the high sounds larger.
The problem is that I can’t put up with the large sounds. They are too noisy. Some hearing aids cut off the noise at the expense of the word clearness.
Hearing aids are not always helpful when I listen to person’s words.

By the way, do you know how much one hearing aid costs?
It depends on what type of hearing aid you will buy.
There are many types on the catalog. The staff recommends one according to you hearing and in what situation you will use it. Some hearing aids can make it easy to listen to the group conversations or conversations in noisy places.
One of them costs over 500,000 yen. If I buy two hearing aids for both years, it will cost about 1,000,000.
The local government subsidizes, but there are some conditions to take it. First, a disability certificate is necessary. Also, you must work or study. Or, you should have used hearing aids since you were a child.
I, myself, am not very happy to get the subsidy. Indeed, hearing aids will help an individual hear. But there are more people who need supports. The government should pay for money to make the society better. What is necessary to the society is, in my opinion, understandings toward disability. If everyone in my workplace wrote down or used sign language instead of speaking to me, hearing aids wouldn’t be necessary. I would rather happy because I no longer have to put up with the disgusting noises.

I am trying new hearing aides now.
The new type of the hearing aids has a Bluetooth function. Now I can enjoy listening to music through directly from my iPhone as others listen through their earphones.
I feel like singing at karaoke.
It is also possible to listen to a person’s voice who speaks over the phone. Through the Bluetooth hearing aids, the voice on the phone sounds more clearly. That enables me to talk on the phone.

Am I happy to hear? – Not really.
There’s no perfect hearing aid. Throw away the empty hope.
I’ll try to do my best to hear. Would you like to communicate with me so that I can understand you?