After the Storm

It was at the beginning of summer. I was on my way home. After the storm, the river went fast. The air was cool. The beautiful sunset left me a vivid impression.
I couldn’t explain exactly how I felt, but it has something to do with my childhood memory.

I thought of the shelter in which I stayed safe from the typhoon.
It was dark inside of the house. Windows were covered with shutters. I was bored of staying at home, so I visited my grandmother.
There was a short corridor between the houses. My grandparents lived next to me, and we could visit each other freely.
In the living room, we spend hours, hearing the winds shake the shutters. I did my homework on the table, while my grandmother was watching TV.
It heavily rained outside. But, the typhoon wasn’t scary at all because I was not alone. It was even exciting to be allowed to stay home instead of going to school. I believed I was safe.
Next day, it was sunny.

I was protected by others when I was a child. There was no anxiety.
The only thing that worried me was to lost my family. I knew that I couldn’t live without help of my parents.

Now, I live apart from my family. My grandmother no longer lives next to me.
I have to help myself. To me, that’s anxious, as well as exciting.

When I feel sad, I look up at the sky. The sky is changing at every moment. Though it’s raining now, a rainbow will make me smile someday.
However how strong the storm is, it has the end. Then, we can see the sun again. I learned that while I was a child.