The proof is in the pudding.

“There’s no happy job.”

My father said, “Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s fun. You have to work with someone despite that you like his/her or not. If you find kind people, keep good relations with them.”
My father has experienced hard times on his work, I supposed.
I talked him about changing my job.
“Do what you want.” was his advice.
Of course, I will.

When I left my parents’ home, my aunt took me to the station.
My aunt visits her parents, who are my grandparents, on Sundays to get some fresh vegetables from their garden.
She offered to drive me to the station.
While we are on the car, I asked her about my cousins who live apart from their mother.
“He started to work from this autumn.”
One of my cousins became a police officer. He had once wanted to be a teacher, but gave up his dream.
“He’s not enough clever to be a teacher,” my aunt said.

She herself works as a nurse. I asked her how she had chosen her job.
“I wanted to learn some skills to work. I mean licenses or certifications for specific jobs.
“I didn’t want to work all day sitting on the chair. I like moving. I knew I couldn’t be a teacher or preschool teacher because I wasn’t good at studying. That’s why I chose to be a nurse.”
It’s not an easy job. There is no substitute for a nurse. So, when my aunt had a fever, she had to take medicine and go to work.

I thought of my job. Why did I choose the current job?
I wanted to challenge and learn something new.
Anyway, it was a great experience to work at school. I think this is a nice job, but I’m not skilled enough.

I’m wondering what job is good for me.
I remember my teacher’s words: “Your reports are always very good. I teach four new graduates this year, you’re extraordinarily good at writing documents.”
I have never been praised like that before. His words encouraged me.
Perhaps, office work may be more suitable for me than being a teacher. I don’t mind sitting all day before the computer.

What’s important to work?
“You were born to be happy.”
What makes me happy?
Money or career don’t satisfy me. If I have enough free time, will I be happy?
Actually, I don’t know what to do. What I can do is just to try new one. Try again and again until I can settle down.